DVD: Ball Magic

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DVD: Ball Magic

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Training Programs for Solo Practice. Official DVD of the DFB (German Soccer Federation)

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DVD: Ball Magic

Training Programs for Solo Practice

Scoring on a volley or bicycle kick, successfully dribbling past multiple opponents, creative tricks and fakes - thease are the things that make soccer so fascinating and get the fans excited. It all comes down to having a good feel for the ball. The "Ball Magic" DVD from the DFB (German Soccer Association) are designed to motivate young player to practice on their own, so they can start developing a broad repertoire of techniques.

On this DVD, you´ll find more than 100 exercises that can help you become a "ball magician" too!

Language: English
Length: 57 minutes
Size: 4:3 - PAL 


Dribblings and stunts

  • Dribbling
  • Fast footwork
  • Coordination exercises
  • Fast changes of direction
  • "Magic tricks"

Juggling, Ball Controll, Passing and Shooting, Partner Exercises

  • Juggling
  • Ball control
  • Passing and shooting
  • Partner exercises
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