Book: Attacking Soccer

Book: Attacking Soccer

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Book: Attacking Soccer

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Peter Schreiner and Norbert Elgert - 159 pages - 109 Graphics - 26 Photos - Main Topics of this book: Counter Attack - Positional Play - Possession Soccer - Wing Play - Shooting at the Goal.

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Book: Attacking Soccer

How do you shape your training to cover all the technical and tactical basics?

Peter Schreiner and Norbert Elgert give the right answer, including systematical approaches. Shape your training programs with easy to use excercises, which are richly illustrated. 


Main Topics of this book:


I   Counter Attack

II  Positional Play

III Possession Soccer

IV  Wing Play

V   Shooting at the Goal


This book provides a systematic compilation of drills. First, the theoretic aspects of each topic are covered extensively to lay the foundation for the subsequent practical segment. 
In the practical segment, you will find complex passing and dribbling drills. 
We recommend these for the second warm-up phase of training, which prepares your players for the main part of training. 

All drills and plays have been tested and tried on different age groups and ability levels.


1. Drills are not what help your players improve, but rather how the players use them.

2. How do you motivate your players? 

3. Do you encourage and compliment your players?

4. How do you correct your players? 

5. What are your areas of emphasis?

6. The sections on tips and suggestions are particularly important.

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